Dear Valued Brand Owner,

Wine sales in the United States total in excess of $7.7 billion annually. Florida, New York and California represent much of those sales. Be part of this high dollar market by partnering with Aazan International.

Based in New York, our company is a wine, beer and spirits warehousing, logistics and back office support provider to alcohol beverage brand owner. We are your full service warehouse and logistics partner freeing you up to focus on what is essential for brand success…selling!

Aazan International has a full menu of services available. Key services include:

  • Importation of brands into the United States
  • Regulatory and compliance services related to importation
  • Customs, shipping and logistics services related to importation
  • Warehousing at one of our four strategically located warehouses in the State of New York.
  • Aazan International is capable of delivering to nearly every licensed retailer in the State of New York.
  • Distributor to distributor sales through the United States, South America and the Caribbean.
  • Back office support services including invoicing, collections, state reporting requirements and sales report generation including inventory tracking, depletions, sales by volume and by account and nearly any other type of sales tracking report.
  • Other customized services are available depending on clients’ needs.

Aazan International fees are very competitive. Your gross dollar return will be higher than working with a traditional distributor. You will be able to collect a high percentage of the margins and real dollars that would ordinarily go into the traditional distributor’s pocket.

The principals of Aazan International have many years of experience in the alcohol beverage business and are capable of assisting you with almost all of your business needs. We are client focused and service oriented. Like you, we are working for your success.

Feel free to call us at 718-808-3614 or email us at / for more information.


MD Chaman

President, Aazan International


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